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Our Green Mission

An increasing number of people are aware of the ecological and social aspects of their travel decision.

We want to classify and identify, specific sustainable accommodation and properties within our green leaf symbol.

How we do it? One of our predominant features during the property inspection, is the environmental friendly aspect. The portfolio of our criteria consist of:

  • Ensuring Local buildings and materials were used
  • Land protection and natural conditions are being respected
  • Water heated with solar energy
  • Cooling with sea water
  • Water saving measures
  • Ensuring environmental friendly cleaning materials are used
  • Recycle of trash
  • Parking with shade

Only property with a minimum of three implemented measurements above, qualifies to be included with our green leaf symbol.

Why Sustainable? The purpose of our symbol is to help people to find great sustainable travel services. During our detailed inspections of the properties we advocate and champion the owners to   the importance of these measures and highlight benefits and value for the clients. Sustainable contributes to social and economic benefits for the local community, enhancing cultural heritage and is reducing negative impacts to the environment.